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Herbal medicine is by far the largest component of Chinese Medicine.  It is considered more effective than any other 
Chinese Medicine method in treating internal and chronic diseases.

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Around 200 BC, The Divine Husbandman’s Classic of the Materia Medica was written.  This book is known to be the first reference book of Chinese herbal medicine.  It included 365 herbs, many of which are still commonly prescribed today.  Since then,  Chinese herbal medicine has  continued to be rigorously tested and has been greatly advanced, and around 1550 AD another famous herb text was published with 1,892 herbs and 11,000 formulas.

Many western drugs we use today were developed from herbs.  Current science and technology still comes far short of fully understanding the therapeutic effects of herbs, but that does not change the fact that Chinese herbal medicine is a time-tested and effective health solution.  Research has shown that herbs can strengthen the immune system, kill viruses and bacteria, reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar and blood pressure, and suppress cancer growth.

The application of herbs is guided by the TCM diagnostic process, which goes to great length to recogonize the subtle differences between individuals, as well as how their health conditions change with age, season, and time of day.  Herbs are prescribed in the form of formulas which often cotains 8 to 12 herbs.  These formulas are composed in such ways as to match the individual's paticular condition, to enhance the potency of individual herbs, and reduce side-effects.  Herbs are usually available as raw herbs, powder, or pills.


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