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   I started seeing Windy for hypothyroidism, low energy, allergies, and hip pain. Through acupuncture and TCM, I have had great improvements.My thyroid test came back well within normal limits without medication; my hip is no longer in pain; energy level is up and my allergies are improving. Windy has a very calming way about her that makes your experience very pleasant. Many times I have fallen asleep on the table. She has given me guidance with my diet because she cares about my overall health. Thank you windy for caring. - Marilynn B.

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    After twenty years of being told by medical doctors that there wasn’t much I could do for my painful Achilles Tendonitis, I turned to Windy Wang for consultation and pain management.  During our initial meeting Windy educated, defined and described for me how I could benefit from acupuncture.  She then asked me a series of questions to obtain a complete picture of my general health condition and lifestyle behaviors that may have contributed to my condition.  Because of her calm demeanor, professionalism and sincerity, I decided to take her recommendation of having four weekly sessions of acupuncture and it worked!  I can now take pain free long walks, jog and run when I want again which I haven’t been able to do for a long time.  I highly recommend Ms. Wang’s care and therapy.  - Doug B.

  I first sought Windy’s services after reading about how acupuncture can assist in infertility issues. My husband and I had been trying for over six years and I was so stressed. Windy made me feel very comfortable on our first visit. Her office was relaxing and I started looking forward to going to my appointments. She treated me for about 3 months and we were successful in lowering my stress levels as well as having a successful IVF treatment that ended in the birth of a beautiful baby boy. My husband also suffered from a herniated disc and was suffering. I recommended that he go see Windy as well. After 3 months of treatment, his back was pain free. He had been receiving cortisone injections from his doctor that were not fixing the problem. We both also did the herbal treatment and were amazed at how great we felt. I am such a believer in acupuncture and herbal treatments but an even bigger believer in Windy’s practice. She’s amazing. -Beth M.

  I am a 62 year old male. I have suffered the past 10 years with chronic back, hip, and leg pain. My family doctor recommended epidural shots. Three months later and five epidural steroid injections my pain was still there. After my first visit with Windy Wang and acupuncture I was relieved enough to begin light exercising. A few more visits and my quality of life has returned. Thank you Windy. - Chuck W.

    I came to Dr. Wang a little less than three months ago; I was suffering from hair loss, acne, digestive issues, and anxiety. I see her once a week for an acupuncture treatment, and to collect the herbs that I take throughout the week. The difference in how I look and feel now is amazing! In the past, I had seen a dermatologist for five years in hopes of curing my acne. I was on all kinds of topical and oral prescription drugs, but nothing really worked. At first, I was afraid to quit taking the antibiotics, but now that I have given them up and see Dr. Wang, my skin is wonderful! I saw my mother for the first time in eight months, and the first thing she said to me was, "Wow! I don't know what you're doing, but whatever it is, it's working!" Coming to Dr. Wang has helped me build health and feel fantastic. My hair is not falling out like it was before, my skin is much better, my anxiety is almost nonexistent, and my digestive issues are improving. Dr. Wang is helping me to become a new, healthier individual, and I am so thankful. - Amanda G.

    I received acupuncture from Windy twice and met several times to get Chinese herbs for my health. My acupuncture treatments achieved wonderful results and I was pain free for the first time in over eight years.
I have been in a very high stress job for over 20 years and have had many health issues having recently lost my job. Windy used an in-depth interviewing process to evaluate my situation – a technique few practitioners utilize today. I am indebted to her care and support that has helped me to become a healthier, happier person today!  - Cynthia B.

    I personally benefited from Windy Wang's expertise in acupuncture. I suffered a broken ankle playing soccer, which required surgery.  I had gone through months of physical therapy, but I still suffered pain throughout my legs.  My first session with Windy completely eliminated the pain. I owe my well being to Windy's healing skills, and I would recommend her to anyone. - Brando Reyes

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